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Invisible Tickets uses the sensors on your phone to figure out what journeys you're taking and sorts out payment for you, without you lifting a finger

You’ll never have to think about ticketing again

No more mislaid tickets or travelcards

You always have a valid ticket on your phone

This won’t cost you a cent more 

All you need is a mobile phone. Hop on and off trains, trams and buses without all that fiddling about

A revolutionary new approach to ticketing, and it’s FREE

Kiss goodbye to paper and plastic

Sail past every queue

Subscriptions welcome

The app detects the start and end of your journey using GPS, and then takes care of payment (via direct debit or credit card). You don’t have to check in or check out, you don’t have to do anything at all in fact! If you run into a ticket inspector, flash the barcode in the app to prove you’re paying for your trip. You can also use the barcode as a key to unlock closed gates.

Link the app to your subscriptions with one click

How the magic works

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"An incredible convenience"

"It was a relief how the app worked, really accurate - I love it"

"So smooth I completely forgot I was using it"


 - Wander

 - Sara

 - Julio

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Download our app and key in the access code to create an account

You’re all set! Just carry your phone with you as you travel

How can I travel with Invisible Tickets?

Currently running a beta in 🇧🇪 Belgium and rolling out across Europe

Let’s make public transport great again

Want to go Invisible?

Is everybody allowed to use Invisible Tickets?

Yes, as long as the operator you are traveling with accepts Invisible Tickets

Where can I use Invisible Tickets?

For now, you can use Invisible Tickets in Belgium, but soon you will be able to use the service all over Europe

Do I need an Internet connection to use Invisible Tickets?

You need to be online to use the service, however if your connection drops during your journey, for example because of a tunnel or you are going too fast, Invisible Tickets will still work

Frequently asked questions

Will Invisible Tickets app allow me to transfer to connection buses?

For now, you can only use Invisible Tickets in Belgium, but soon you will be able to use it on all kinds of models of transport all over Europe.

How much does it cost to use Invisible Tickets?

Absolutely nothing. You will always pay the same (best) fare that an operator would charge you, with nothing charged on top.

What if I lose my phone?

You need to have a working, connected phone to start your journey, otherwise you need to buy a ticket. If you lost your phone during journey, contact

and we will be able to help you.

What if I am having technical problems with the Invisible Tickets App?

There are FAQs in the app, and you can also contact us at any time on

What happens if an inspector needs to check my ticket?

He or she will accept the digital barcode in the app

What if my phone battery runs out in the middle of a trip?

When you next turn your phone, the app will prompt you to confirm your destination station and we will charge you accordingly. If you receive a fine whilst your phone is dead you can have it canceled by contacting

How do I transfer Invisible Tickets to a new or replacement phone?

Just download the app onto your new iPhone, key in your email address and we'll pick it up from there.




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