Go Invisible
Train travel using just the sensors on your phone.
No need to check in
Simply step on a train at any station

Using the power of your phone we’ll automatically see that you’re taking a journey.

No need to check OUT
When you arrive, just leave the station

We’ll calculate your journey in the background and deduct it from your account.

No need to TOP UP
Automatically pay the right fare

We’ll charge the lowest price based upon your journey and time of day.

Travelling with plastic?
A thing of the past.
Seamlessly journey tracking using just the sensors on your phone. So you never have to worry about a silly bit of plastic.
Worry free, no troubles. You always have your phone with you so it's a logical thing to use.
Thanks for travelling with Invisible Tickets
You just completed your journey at Den Haag. Your trip will cost €5.30.
Hang five. Your train to Den Haag is delayed.
Your regular train to Den Haag is 5 minutes late. Take a deep breath.
Cha-ching! You saved 5% on travel this week
Based on your trips we upgraded you to a regular route discount.

Buying a ticket?
No need.

We only charge you for the exact journey you’ve taken. We then calculate and ensure you get the best price for your fare.

Personalised assistance

Once we know where you like to go, we can offer up helpful information to keep up to date.

Intelligent Discounts

Understanding your travel behaviour means always being able to give you the best deal on the trips you take.

All your travel in one place.
A personalised travel service right on your phone, keeping you up to date and in the know.
Be part of the future of travel
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